Shapeez Health Distribution Program
The Unbelievabra is everything that I have been telling my patients to buy for the past eighteen years —I just didn’t know it existed."

—Dr. Bret Staley, Moapa Valley Chiropractic

Over the years, Shapeez has received countless comments about our products from breast and lung cancer survivors as well as women with ongoing back and shoulder pain. After purchasing their Shapeez garments, customers stated they were pain free, had regained their confidence, and were looking and feeling great.

With this in mind, Shapeez is pleased to announce the Shapeez Health Distribution Program. This program is offered to health care professionals whose patients would benefit from wearing Shapeez garments. The program allows participating doctors to purchase Shapeez garments for their patients at wholesale prices and allows the patients to enjoy some of the major health benefits as below:

Product Features and Benefits

Alleviates stress on the middle back & spine —the primary reason that conventional bras are so uncomfortable for most women.

Supports without putting stress on shoulders, relieving the grooves that become physically visible as women get older. A problem especially in women in a C cup or larger.

The non-binding design provides equal distribution of breast weight across the entire spine and around the rib cage which is greatly beneficial for women who suffer from Scoliosis.

Provides support that helps with posture. Standing erect helps a person’s joints distribute weight better and allows all the vital organs of the body to function better.

The abdominal support of the Unbelievabra (long versions) also helps some women with slight abdominal muscle tears from pregnancy.

The 4 way-stretch fabric properties alleviates pressure and pushing on surgical scars.

Molded foam underwire cups provide superior breast shaping and support.

Breathable cool-tex lycra that wicks moisture away.

Medium firm control to support and slim tummy, waist, back, and hips.

Lightweight and silky next to the skin.

Long length to tuck into pants and skirts with a no roll hem.

Shoulder straps will never fall down.

Our patented design provides all day comfort.


Learn more about our garments in the Styles section and see what makes them truly Unique.

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Getting Started Getting Started is Easy

Help your current patients and attract new ones while taking advantage of a revenue stream that is easy to maintain and quick to set up. Offering Shapeez shapewear provides your patients with a safe and effective solution and is a great addition to your practice, and the best part is that your patients will see and feel immediate improvement.

  • Earn 36% to 50% on each order.
  • No minimum orders and no inventory to carry.
  • Easy and accurate measuring to insure proper fitting.
  • Dedicated customer service specialist.
  • No stocking orders.
  • Items are shipped directly to you for personal delivery to your patients.
  • Enrollment fee of $150 includes marketing materials, product order forms, and 2 sample garments (any size and style) for you and/or your staff to wear.

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For more information and to get started in the Shapeez Health Distribution Program, contact Dr. Staley directly.

Phone: (702) 397-2273

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Dr. Bret Staley Dr. Bret R. Staley

The charter member of the Shapeez Health Distribution Program, Dr. Bret R. Staley, Chiropractic Physician of Moapa Valley Chiropractic in Overton, Nevada. Dr. Staley, a recipient of the Palmer College of Chiropractic Clinical Excellence Award, states “The Unbelievabra is everything that I have been telling my patients to buy for the past eighteen years and I just didn’t know it existed.” Dr. Staley explains that he has always suggested his female patients wear a posture bra/sports bra, while not endorsing any specific brand. “A regular bra puts all of the weight of your breasts on thin shoulder straps and a 1-2” back band. This puts too much stress on your shoulders and one or maybe two of your thoracic vertebra, commonly causing neck and middle back pain. Unfortunately, most sports bras smash the breasts and are mainly made from non-breathable nylon/spandex making them something that most of my patients would refuse to wear. That all changed when I found out about Shapeez. Finally, an unbelievable bra that both women and their Doctor of Chiropractic can appreciate.”

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