These are real emails from our customers. The response has been overwhelming! Thank you.

" I wear this bra under ALL of my tops! Going back to a regular bra is completely out of the question. Thank you for the Tankee as well, when summer comes I will be ready. What a wonderful idea - Thank you Staci. Linda "

Linda From Texas

" Hi! Just bought this wonderful bra this afternoon. Like many women, I was tired of the back fat & the rolls that looked like they were trying to eat my bra. Please! Can you make a slip that almost knee length. Most slips keep riding up. Please!!!! "

Ginette From

" Ultimate just arrived, so I immediately tried it on. Always pretty skeptical of claims, but I can honestly say I LOVE THIS product.The bra top fits perfectly and the whole thing is very comfortable. I WILL purchase more. No more ugly back bra lines or muffin tops! I would like to see the middle section firmer (at the waist down to hips, for extra smoothing support). Nonetheless, LOVE IT! Highly recommend. "

Tracy From North Carolina

" Thank you, thank you, thank you. I saw your bra advertised at our local boutique and was skeptical. But I have a closet full of beautiful clothes that I own but will not wear because of back fat. So I thought I would try your bra. All I can say is that I will never wear another bra!!! I am a 36DD and have had breast cancer so I do need support. Your bra not only got rid of the back fat and underarm fat but the support it provides is worth it in itself. I have never written a testimonial but this time I felt I had to.. Thank you again and to any women out there get this bra. You will not be disappointed. "

Teri From

" My box just arrived with the Shortee and the Tankee Short.I was a little reluctant to purchase them because of the cost, but I felt I needed to order them both right away. I am so glad I did. I will NEVER purchase another everyday bra other than the ones from Shapeez ever again. IT IS THE BEST BRA EVER!! I am a small person and in good physical shape, but with ordinary bras I have the little annoying skin folds. The Unbelievable bras make that all disappear. No more lumpy back for me.This is the perfect bra. Thank you Shapeez! "

TC From California

" I have a dresser full of expensive bras... doesn't every woman? Finally a bra with support without the Pain!!! Just ordered the Shortee...Please make a all in one body briefer!!!! ...I would buy one sight unseen......Janet "

Janet From California

" I just recieved my Shortee Bra, about two days ago, I have to say LOVE LOVE LOVE this bra, the fit is perfect, and it is honestly the most comfortable bra i have ever worn. And NO back fat!!!!! ya gotta love that.... They are worth every penny.......thank you thank you! "

Jacki Soares From California

" The name says it all! Unbelievable!!! I have dozens of bras that I hate. I couldn't find anything that gave me support, hid my horrible back fat, and did not make my breasts a funny shape. The day I got my Unbelievabra I threw all my others away. If you are searching for a bra that does everything it should, this is it!! I am a skeptic, and didn't want to pay a lot of money for something that I was going to be disappointed in again, but I took a chance with UnBelievabra. I will never wear another brand of bra again!!! If your debating on ordering, JUST DO IT, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!! "

Valerie From Pennsylvania

" I cannot tell you how LONG I have been looking for something exactly like this. I used to try Spanx but they would flatten my bust. I even tried to sew a bra front into one of them. The Shapeez is even more comfortable than my regular bra! I LOVE them!!! They hide all my backfat. "

Ginger From California

" This is the best money I have ever spent love love love this bra. I brought two and can't wait for new item in April. Thanks for great product! "

Rose From Pennsylvania


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